3D Printed B&O SP12/14 Pickup Hood

I was tired of the "always missing protection hood" for the Bang & Olufsen SP12/14 pickups and the constant concern that the cantilever or diamond would be damaged when just laying around.

I recently bought a Creality Ender 3 3D Printer and equipped with a cantilever I decided to create my own Protection Hood for the pickups. After measuring the dimensions i use Tinkercad to create the model. It is a web based 3D modelling program which is easy to use but also for beginners. You can view the model here.

After a couple of prototype test prints and adjustments to make sure that the diamond wasn't in contact with the new protection cover it was time to print the fully functional model.

I usually print in black PLA with a starting bed temperature at 70 °C and a nozzle temperature at 215 °C. After the first 5 layers I lower the bed temperature to 60 °C and the nozzle temperature to 204 °C. This ensures that the corners doesn't get warped.

If you want you can download the .STL files right here and print it on your own 3D printer. With a line width of 0.2mm it takes about 20 minutes to print. You can also see my other 3D models for various B&O products here.