During this rainy and cold winter, I’ve secretly been working on an online tool which provides a very special overview of various B&O products. The tool has crawled and indexed almost every B&O item which is for sale or sold via various online marketplaces, thus the name; BeoDex
BeoDex was born out of the desire to better understand which pricing strategies to use when restoring and selling vintage B&O across countries and has crawled all available data from 2015 and continues to do so on a daily basis.

The frontend is developed as a SPA using TypeScript and React which connects to a REST API developed in NodeJS with a relational MariaDB database. The architecture is described in the figure below.

The crawled dataset is processed once a day and generates statistics which helps to understand the listing price, sale price, current estimated value and popularity as seen on the image below, for the Beogram 4002 in Denmark.

The processed dataset also generates 3 graphs as seen below, also for the Beogram 4002 in Denmark.

If you would like to visit BeoDex, then it’s available right here
Please note that it is a work in progress and prone to change. I would love to hear your thoughts though so send me an email if you have something to share! :)