Replacing the light bulb tracking sensor on the BG4002

As usual when repairing the Beogram 4002 i'm replacing the light bulb associated with the tracking sensor. The old light bulb is old and prone to failure. Furthermore it's glued to the housing and therefore hard to replace. To make sure that this won't be the point of failure in the future i've created a replacement PCB which will hold a LED and trimmer, just like Menahem and Rudy (beolover).

On the back of the PCB i've added a trimmer which is used to adjust the intensity of the LED. This way it's super easy to adjust the sensitivity and make sure it works just like original. I've used a Vishay T93, 5kΩ variable resistor and a Vishay 500mW standard LED in series with a standard 2.5kΩ resistor.

I've also 3D printed a cover which will help the PCB stay in place and remove unnecessary light from external sources. Below you can see some pictures of the PCB and the finished product.

You are welcome to contact me if you have any inquires or would like to buy the replacement PCB.