Restoring a pair of Beovox MC120.2

Last year I finally found a pair of Beovox MC120.2 which was going to replace my Beovox S55. Luckily the MC120.2 was in rosewood which matched my Beogram 4002 perfectly! Of course, the MC120.2 needed a restoration involving refoaming of the woofers and recapping the crossovers. I did this with my S55, so this was going to be a piece of cake.

Below you'll find some photos of the MC120.2 before the restoration. Despite them being stored in a barn they were in somewhat good condition. As you'll notice the wood was quite worn and the fabric also had paint on it.

I started by cleaning the cabinets and washing the fabric in soap and water. The paint was easily removable using rubbing alcohol.

Voíla! That was much needed. Luckily the fabric was completely intact so no need to replace it as I did on my S55.

After cleaning the cabinets I removed the interior before sanding them with grit 180. The interior was easily removed by removing the 6 cross-headed screws holding the front. Since the top was scratched, I polished it with ring remover from Liberon before giving the cabinets a layer of danish oil. This removed all stains and scratches. At last the plastic fronts was cleaned with a Plastic Cleaner meant for car interior. This made them look dark and new.

As always, when the surrounds are made of foam and not rubber, they will rot as you can see on the images at the beginning of this post. I carefully removed the old surrounds with my fingers since it often tend to turn into a ball which is easy to remove. The remaning glue, as you can see below, was removed with a cotton swab and acetone. This process is a mess so make sure to do it somewhere that is easy to clean afterwards.

The new foam surrounds and glue was bought from I used waterbased glue for this purpose. Remember to make sure that the glue you are going to use becomes completely transparent when it dries.

After the glue had dried overnight i installed the woofers again. Looks good enough to me!

To make sure they would sound just like new I bought a new set of capacitors from Dillen. They were easily replaced.

After assembling each MC120.2 it was time for a soundcheck. I put them back on their stands and placed them accordingly to the Owners Manual from

I was completely blown away by how they sound. They sounded breathtaking with an astonishing amount of details and clarity! I played a couple of albums on my BG5500 and heard new details in songs I have been listening to for years. No distortion at all, not even at high volumes. Of course, I need to listen to them for some hours before they are all set, but that should be no problem with a couple of good albums and a scotch whisky ;)