Tonearm Lift for Beogram 1000

Last month I had an old Beogram 1000 in teak in for restoration. As usual the handle/lift (what's the correct term?) for the tonearm was missing. It's only glued to the tonearm and the glue happens to loose it's strength over the years.

I decided to create a replica in Tinkercad but quickly encountered issues. Tinkercad doesn't seem to handle organic shapes and figures very well. Especially the ribbed sides and mergning multiple surfaces gave me quite a headache.

I tried a lot of different solutions but wasn't satisfied at all. Take a look below and judge for yourself.

I talked with a couple of the few bright sparks i know and ended up getting a couple of lessons in Fusion360 from my brother-in-law who's a mechanical engineer.

After i'd learned the basics I used A LOT of hours figuring out the smartest way to create this handle and ended up with the results below. As you can see it is way more professional as the possibilities in Fusion360 is limitless.

I printed the handle in black PLA with my usual settings. The results is seen below compared to the original handle. This is as good as it gets and i'm happy with the results!

The next step for this project, is to work with ironing in Cura. This setting makes the nozzle go over the top layer to give it a more smooth surface. Or maybe i'll try to print it using a SLA/DLP printer.

You can view the 3D model right here, download the .STL from this site or buy the handle from my eBay account.