B&O 3D Models

On this page you'll find all the 3D models i've made for various B&O restoration projects. If you like you can download the .STL files and print them on your own 3D printer. Please let me know if you would like to buy them from me or need other custom 3D models. I'll be happy to help.

Sled Pulley for BG4002/4004/6000

71 KB

Cord Holder for Beogram

346 KB

Washer for Beogram 400x/6000 series

70 KB

Arm Lock for Beogram 400x/6000 series

719 KB

Transport Lock for Beogram 400x/6000

328 KB

Motor Spacer for Beogram 1000/3000

806 KB

Pickup Hood for SP6/7 & SP8/9

67 KB

Pickup Hood for SP12 & SP14

112 KB